If I upload my research content to Cambridge Open Engage, does that prevent me from posting it elsewhere?

No. You are free to post your prepublication work anywhere, though our recommendation is that you upload your research content only on Cambridge Open Engage, so that you have a comprehensive view of usage metrics for content views and PDF downloads, as well as Altmetric data relating to social media coverage. These metrics will be inaccurate and will underestimate actual usage in article-to-article comparisons if your content is also posted elsewhere. Some readers may also be perplexed if they encounter the same prepublication content in multiple locations.

Importantly, some journals or publishers may also place restrictions on the posting of certain prepublication versions, though these policies have largely changed to accept prepublication content as part of the research life cycle. We recommend that you check the policies of any publishers to which you intend to submit your research content for formal publication, in advance of uploading content to Cambridge Open Engage.

Covid-19 Related Manuscripts 

Authors of manuscripts related to Covid-19 are requested to share important information with public and health authorities. The World Health Organisation has asked that authors send all relevant manuscripts to covid19preprint@who.int.

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