What sort of content can I find on Cambridge Open Engage?

Cambridge Open Engage is open to a variety of types of prepublication content including working papers, presentations, and posters, together with related data, code, and other supplementary materials. Submissions can be made at any stage of the research process up until the point that the content is accepted for formal publication following peer review. The content is screened against the following requirements:

  • scholarly in tone, methodology, and approach
  • written in English
  • does not infringe the intellectual property right of any person(s) or entity(ies)
  • does not contain any libelous or otherwise unlawful statements
  • does not contain inappropriate, confidential, or harmful statements or materials
  • is the work of the author or coauthor(s)
  • falls broadly in the scope of the Cambridge Open Engage subjects
  • has not been formally accepted or published following a peer-review process
  • Cambridge Open Engage will not approve the upload of content that has already been finally accepted for publication as a journal article or book chapter, or the retrospective upload of preacceptance versions of content that have already been published in peer-reviewed journals or books in a final "Version of Record" form
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