How can Cambridge Open Engage benefit me and my research?

This platform is more than a preprints repository and will support collaboration, interdisciplinary research and the evolution of open research and scholarly communications. We will bring our expertise as both a publisher and a technology developer to benefit the researcher and end user. We believe that as a trusted non-commercial entity with experience in content dissemination, curation, and hosting, we can offer a technology service with a high-quality user experience. The platform will be developed continuously over time, using an agile approach to respond to the priorities of our users, and, through a method called co-creation, we're inviting researchers and other stakeholders to actively input and help us shape the roadmap.


Benefits for researchers:

  • Find and collaborate with peers
  • Discover early and non-traditional open access content
  • Extend the collaborative benefits of conferences through to publication


Benefits for authors:

  • Rapidly disseminate pre-publication research
  • Develop and discuss research with peers
  • Build an audience before formal publication
  • Get analytics on engagement with and impact of early research outputs


Benefits for partners:

  • Gain insight into trends and growth areas within areas of research focus
  • Add value proposition for members/faculty
  • Get analytics across a range of early and open research outputs within their organization
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