How does commenting work on Cambridge Open Engage?

If your research is posted on Cambridge Open Engage, users that read it will be able to add comments to the content page, and these will appear alongside your work. We offer the commenting feature as a place for scholarly discussion of the posted content – for example, readers may give their views on the aims and outcomes of our research, or suggest amendments and additions. You can see the number of comments on each of your content items in your Author Dashboard. As an author, you may wish to add your own comments in response – but please do not use the commenting feature for amendments to your work, which should be submitted via the versioning feature on the site. While we do not check comments before they are posted, we do give all users of the site, including readers and authors, the ability to report a concern with a particular comment; we are able to remove any comments that appear to be in contravention of the site’sCommenting Policies. 

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