Can I retract my content on Cambridge Open Engage?

Individual pieces of research content posted to Cambridge Open Engage are citable and part of the scholarly record, so they cannot be removed from the site except in extremely rare circumstances. You can, however, request that your content be marked as "retracted" if you no longer stand by your findings or your content contains fundamental errors. You can do this by finding the content item in your author dashboard and selecting ‘Request retraction’ in the menu for that item. You will be prompted to fill in the reason for your request, which will then be sent to the Cambridge Open Engage moderation team. They will then contact you to discuss the retraction request.

All requests for retraction will be subject to approval by the Cambridge Open Engage moderation team, who will follow guidance from COPE to determine an appropriate course of action. For any queries about retractions of content on Cambridge Open Engage, please email

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