Why might my working paper/poster/presentation be rejected?

Content uploads may be rejected on any of the following grounds:

  1. It cannot be identified as scholarly content. Uploaded content should be new, original academic research or work that critically engages with existing research and not, for example, an author’s opinion on an issue.
  2. The content contains research that could impact directly on clinical practice.
  3. It cannot be plausibly categorized into the accepted subject areas.
  4. It is found to be wholly or partially plagiarized. All content will undergo a check upon upload using plagiarism detection software.
  5. It is found to have already been accepted for publication following peer review or already formally published following peer review.
  6. It is not written in English.
  7. It contains infringing material and/or has not been uploaded by an authorised individual. Corresponding authors are obligated to upload only content in which they own or control the copyright.
  8. It is found to contain libelous or otherwise unlawful statements.
  9. It is found to contain inappropriate, confidential, or harmful statements or material.

For more information, see our Policies and Procedures.

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